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Not much to say really, I've only recently been following a passion of mine, and that's Voice Acting, I'm an amateur at worst, but I hope to get more and more practice in and wish to be requested upon in both animations and games, free of charge for now.

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What Does A Demon Pray to?


A Demon Slayer of a notable Church walks towards a prone and crawling humanoid creature with purple skin, two small but sharp horns crowning either side of the creature's forehead, and a long thin tail with an arrowhead shape decorating the tip, behind the creature is a small trail of blood. The Slayer stabs the head of his(/her) spear into the thigh of the creature.

And with a sadistic grin, the Slayer takes a knee beside it and says.

Church Demon Slayer: "Tell me, what does a Demon pray to?"

Suffering not only from the previous wound but now from the spearhead lodged into his(/her) thigh, coughing and reeling from the pain, and finally, with laboured breaths between each pause, the Demon spoke.

Demon: *Coughing* "...We.. pray to nothing"

Not surprised at all by the Demon's remark, the Slayer, with a sigh.

Church Demon Slayer: "oh? Very well, I was curious, but if it's nothing-"

Interrupted by the Demons cough, followed up by words filled with desperation.

Demon: *cough* "Wait... wait, I suppose there's something"

Annoyed at being interrupted, the Slayer spitefully twists the spear that's lodged into the Demon's thigh, terrible screams can be heard from the Demon, but the Slayer cared not.

Church Demon Slayer: *tsk* "Always so proud.. at least until your final breaths, well? spit it out"

Recovering from the shock, the Demon spoke once more, this time accompanied by more laboured breaths between each pause.

Demon: "Why... why would we pray to the Gods, why would we send... a signal to our location... to the very being that sends you 'monsters' after our lives?"

A dumbfound look paints the Slayers face if only for a moment, following that a light chuckle.

Church Demon Slayer: "'Monster', oh you know how to make me laugh"

Resigned to his(/her) fate, the demon says with a sigh, and again with laboured breaths

Demon: *sigh* "To answer your question... we pray for our Kin... our Families... and Friends, but it's only us, we get cut down one-by-one... and without a second thought. Why do humans have gods to bestow their power?... Why are we demons alone?"

The Slayer plainly looked at the Demon, Stood up, grabbed the spear's handle, forcefully yanked the spearhead out of the Demon's thigh, and with a voice full of disdain.

Church Demon Slayer: "Honestly, you demons prattle on far too long, if I listened to every single speech you filthy creatures spout out... well, I'd be here all day. oh well, time to draw your last breath"


I personally wrote this entire script, and frankly, for my first time writing one, I say it came out great.

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